A new fantastic autumn collection from By Rydéns

There are many hot trends right now. Bamboo and rattan are hotter than ever.
Mixing different wood materials and color tones and shapes fits into most interior styles.
We have taken care of this and are launching lovely Broom in two colors this autumn.

This year we are using a natural color palette with black and white as the base.
Gray also fits into our palette of lamps. We like to add brass for modern elegance.
The velvet is a popular material which we add in screens in lovely autumn colors.

Glass is hot and will return in the autumn in our collection in the form of colored glass.
Popular Bellissimo and Gross get new family members in burgundy and multi-color.
Ceiling lamp Mabeo is a wonderful novelty in pressed, beautiful glass in two colors.
The lamp works great in a rural kitchen, or in a hallway with retro feel.

Ceiling lamps in different styles are available for everyone interested in interior design.
For the trend-sensitive new Hayden is available in two sizes, who does not want to decorate with such a lamp?

The Mesh series is a great alternative for anyone who likes chrome / silver.
Our hope is that you will find a lovely lamp that complements your own style and your interior.
The choice is yours, we hope you have a lovely autumn with your new lighting