Gnosjö Global is back in Nepal.

Gnosjö Global with Monica in the lead visited Nepal again in September 2019. Then to hold a Women Health Camp.
About 250 women received a free health examination with gynecological focus, as well as treatment, when required.



The camp was conducted for two days in September in collaboration with two other organizations, one of which is a local.
GGA also visited its sponsor child, a couple of different childbirth clinics and nursing homes and contributed materials, information exchange and experiences with these. GGA also conducted health surveys on orphanages and schoolchildren, and had several different workshops on pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, contraception, menstruation and body image. A lot of self-care information and a lot of hygiene material were distributed, including cloth bindings.

We at By Rydens are so excited to be sponsors of the Gnosjö Global Association and to have the opportunity to follow Monica's future travels and non-profit work focused on women's health.