Corporate social responsibility – we take responsibility for human rights, environment and sustainable development in the countries in which we operate and where our products are produced.

We work closely together with our suppliers and believe in long-term cooperation. The suppliers we currently use are ones we have worked with for a long time and they know how By Rydéns operates, and what we require of them as suppliers. We perform annual supplier monitoring in order to ensure the legal requirements and regulations in place are adhered to. We also check up on this in our daily work with our suppliers as well, as we frequently visit their facilities throughout the year.

We adhere to UN conventions for human rights, child labour and discrimination against women. The UN’s International Labour Organization (ILO) which provides basic regulations for labour rights are also adhered to.  The website has more information on human rights around the world.

bsci.jpgWe are members of BSCI since 2013. It is a European cooperation initiative for businesses that want to improve global working conditions. Together its members can influence working conditions for its member companies’ employees. If you want to know more about BSCI and the work we do together with other members you can read about it at 

Directives and regulations By Rydéns adhere to are:

RoHs – Aims to reduce risks to people and the environment by replacing or limiting the use of hazardous substances in electrical or electronic equipment.

Reach – An EU directive applying to all items imported to the EU. It was created to improve protection of people and the environment against chemical substances.

PoPs – An EU directive banning or limiting the use of organic pollutants in chemical substances and products that persist in the environment for a long time after their use.

We also adhere to national legislation such as regulations on chemicals in the Swedish Environmental Code and the Swedish Chemicals Agency's regulations.

We are members of the Reparegistret (Repa register), as a manufacturer we have a producer’s responsibility for recycling packaging material.

We are also members of Swedish El-Kretsen and German Inserseroh as part of our producer’s responsibility for the recycling of electronics.

Corporate social responsibility – a continuously ongoing effort that we at BY Rydéns will always keep up to maintain sustainability in the present and future.