Hallway lights

A welcoming and bright hallway makes you and your guest feel homely and inviting. It is important with a bright light to see where you put your shoes and when you welcome or say goodbye to your guests. Wall lights, ceiling lights and table lamps all belong in a hallway, you just have to combine them in the right way. Get tips at By Rydéns!

Tips for your hallway lights

The right light in a hallway can transform the impression of an entire home, whether you live in a house or an apartment. A hallway is the entrance to the rest of your sphere and should serve as a bit of an introduction. You can also create more spaciousness in a smaller hallway by creating the right light points. 

  • The ceiling light brightens up - With a ceiling light you can make the hallway look more spacious and brighter. It acts like a halo and shines light on, for example, a nice hallway rug.
  • The roof provides flexible light - Why not set up a pendant light with adjustable spotlights in the entrance ceiling? Point the lamps at, for example a painting, a wardrobe or a mirror.
  • Wall lights create nice shadows - One or several wall lights don’t only make the walls brighter – it also create cool shadows on the sides of the hallway. Wall lights are beautiful as they are, or as a complement to give lights to paintings, mirrors and photographs.
  • A table lamp creates coziness - Place a table or a bench in the hallway and let a discreet or eye-catching table lamp adorn it. It is both a stylish interior detail and pretty functional when you sit down waiting to leave, tie your shoes or indulge your thoughts in a quiet moment.


Things to consider - Tips for finding the right balance

Before you buy hall lights, you should take a look at some simple tips on how to buy the right one and be satisfied with your entrance.

  1. Do you want bright lighting or is it a cosier atmosphere you are looking for? Our tip is to combine several lights so you can achieve both according to your different needs. Maybe a spotlight in the ceiling and a decorative wall light as a complement?
  2. Do you feel like creating more spaciousness? Do you have a small hallway and not so high ceilings or cabinet doors that you need to access? Then we recommend that you look into one of our ceiling light or spotlight series.