Pendant light dining table

The perfect pendant light for your dining table

Having the right ceiling lamp over the dining table helps to create a mood and is usually eye-catching as you enter the room. Whether you live small or large, have a round or rectangular dining table, we have ceiling lights that fit and gild your everyday life. By Rydéns offers both traditional ceiling lamps that direct the light downwards and designed lamps that make the little extra over the table and become an interior detail in your home.

If you have a large dining table, we recommend that you have at least two lamps or a longer ceiling lamp so that you get even lighting across the table. To get the most out of your ceiling light, we always recommend installing a wall dimmer and using dimmable light sources. This way you can adjust the amount of light according to your needs.

What light source should I use?

Choosing the right light source can sometimes feel like quite a challenge and that is understandable since a lot has happened in the industry in recent years. What light source we recommend is printed on each product as a guideline. What you need to consider is whether you prefer cold or warm tones and what you expect from the ceiling light. If you plan to sit and work at your dining table or play with the children, it is important that you choose an LED lamp that has a higher Lumen (luminous flux). If you only want the lamp as cosy lighting option, the colour temperature (Kelvin) is important.

For most lamp models, we offer two different LED light sources; amber and transparent, the difference between these is which Lumen and Kelvin light the source have. Amber has both lower Lumen and Kelvin than the transparent one, which means that the light is perceived warmly and in the yellow direction and that it does not generate as strong light, in other words perfect light illumination. Transparent has both higher Lumen and Kelvin than amber which makes it perceived a little cooler in tone and that the light is stronger. Note that you can dim our LED lights so that they do not glow at full power, so with dimmer you can also use a transparent light source for candle lighting but also have the option to dim when you need less light.


How high should the lamp be?

The lamp should sit about 55-70 cm above the table top. Test yourself ahead, all our ceiling lights are high and adjustable. The important thing is that the lamps are not placed to low, so  it disturbs the eye when sitting on opposite sides of the table or that its not placed to high, so it does not illuminate the entire room.