Bathroom lights

Bathroom lights

In the bathroom, it is important to take a practical approach when choosing bathroom lights. Proper lighting by the mirror is the most important, and built-in lights or cups in the ceiling and in the shower as well as extra lights by the bathtub transform your bathroom into an illuminated spa experience. Make your bathroom a modern but relaxing place to stay.

Reflective walls and ceilings make the room brighter

In bathrooms and other wet rooms, walls and ceilings tend to be reflective and mirror the light from the bathroom lights better than in other rooms – not least because of the typical material such as ceramic tiles and clinker. That being said, the details you want to bring out in the room get highlighted in a better way. The shinier walls you have, the more you should consider the choice of lamps and light colour.


  • Muted colours absorb light more easily
  • Bright colours do not require as much light

Bathroom lights that distribute the light

Although a focused light by the mirror is important in the bathroom, good lamps are needed in the ceiling that act as general lighting and distribute the light throughout the room so you can see properly when you clean or get ready in the morning and at night. You can achieve this with a really good glass ceiling light in the bathroom, or built-in spotlights in different parts of the ceiling. Feel free to choose a bathroom light in neutral in design and place more emphasis on the aesthetic aspects elsewhere in the bathroom. Shopping tip: Ocean II ceiling and wall that can be placed both in the ceiling and on the walls.

Dimmer or no dimmer?

The ceiling light in the bathroom can very well be dimmable, so you can regulate the light when you are a little sleepy or tired and do not want to be exposed to such a bright light.

Safe bathroom lights

It takes skills to install bathroom lights, and they must also contain an IP certification in order to be safe in the bathroom and other wet rooms. The classifications are usually IP21 or IP44. They must be able to withstand water, moisture, dust and touch extra well, and so do their fixtures. The lights that are placed in the immediate vicinity of water and steam must be extra safe. Consult your electrician or contact us at By Rydéns via customer service if you have questions regarding IP classification. Our bathroom lights have the classification, so you can have them installed in your bathroom without any problems.

Stylish bathroom lights

With us, you will find modern and stylish bathroom lights that fit in all bathrooms. The bathroom lights at By Rydéns are developed by Swedish designers and are both safe and of high quality.