Desk lamps

Desk lamps

When home office has come to stay and people work from home to a greater extent, a really good desk lamp is essential. The proper brightness, the suitable design that blends into the rest of the interior, and a handy size are important attributes when you look for a desk lamp. At By Rydéns, you will find stylish and practical desk lamps that look good both at the desk and on the nightstand.

Functional and decorative at the same time

A desk lamp is mainly intended to help you to see better and read properly. Brightness is therefore one of the most important qualities. You can then look for additional features, such as the ability to adjust the lamp head and point it wherever you want. Targeted light is especially important when you are concentrating and reading or writing. It also does not disturb other persons nearby. But like any other lamp you have in your home – you want the desk lamp to be decorative and a part of the interior. Luckily; By Rydéns has desk lamps that are both functional and decorative at the same time!

Tips for desk lamps

Our desk lamps are energy efficient and do not emit that heat that can eventually become uncomfortable when you work. We recommend one of our LED light sources that has long durability, low energy consumption and does not emit heat. You can often choose between different colours of the light source for a specific glow, such as clear glass or amber.

In our range, we have of course also been focused on offering a really pleasant design that goes well with all styles.

  • For example, try the modern Lemur table lamp, which has become a favourite with many customers.
  • The uncomplicated Puls table lamp is also a success on the nightstand and a hit in both the living room and bedroom.

Durable and powerful desk lamps to light up your work table

By Rydéns strives to provide only the best products for you and your work area. That's why we offer quality desk lamps that provide good light in different light conditions – everything to make you feel as comfortable and concentrated as possible at work or while reading. When you buy a desk lamp from us, you always receive a 5-year product guarantee.

Combine with other lamps from our range

Do you like it when the products in the interior match and come together perfectly? Several of our desk lamps are included in series where you can also find a ceiling light, floor lamp and/or wall light. Mix and match to your hearts content, or look for something unique in our lamp assortment.