Lamp shades

Lamp shades

If your previous lampshade has broken – or if you’d like to give your lamp a new look – just replace it with a new lampshade! Either choose the same shade that you already have or pick another one of our shades for variation.  At By Rydéns, you can extend the life of your favourite lamp and give it a new look – with a different lampshade.

Replace a broken lampshade with a new one

If you have dropped the lamp on the floor, gotten dirt or a tear on the shade, you can replace your old lampshade with a new one. However, keep both proportions and balance in mind when buying a new model, if you are not choosing the same model you had before.  Also remeber that the colour of the light could be different depending on what lampshade you choose – and it could therefore create a completely different atmosphere.

Tips for choosing lampshades

  • The lampshade should not cover more than one third of the entire lamp, otherwise it may look disproportionate and peculiar.
  • Make sure that the shape of both lampstand and lampshade match: round stand fits with round shade, wide stand, wide shade, etc. However, you are of course free to choose!
  • Ideally, let the lamp shade be wider than the lampstand, it usually looks better. You can of course try and see yourself, but you will notice that the balance is better this way.

Rethink creativity and create magic

Have you always had glass lampshades? Try a lampshade in fabric or velvet. Do you usually only stick to white lampshades that all emit basically the same light? Choose a different colour or even a pattern in the lampshade for new effects. Something as simple as a new lampshade can work wonders in your interior.

Keep in mind that a lampshade with a unique design and remarkable colour can create both magic and personality in a space. Try and play with new themes, colours or shapes.

Various shade mounts

Lampshades can have different mounts, such as ring mounts, top ring mounts and claw mounts or bulb mounts. Some are used on smaller shades, others for larger models. Many of our lampshades also fit on all lampstands so that you have greater freedom of choice. Take a look at our large selection of trendy, stylish, classic and practical lampshades.