Outdoor lights

Outdoor lights

Give visitors a warm welcome even before they step through the door, and do the same for yourself. Illuminate the conservatory, garden or balcony with our beautiful and harmonious outdoor lights and illuminate outdoor furniture and plants. Choose between inspiring floor lamps that direct the light upwards, wall lights that increase the cosiness and lamps that are reminiscent of lanterns that can also be placed on tables. 

Upgrade your patio and garden

A patio or garden is not only beautiful when the sun is shining and you are staying outside – it is at least as beautiful to look at from inside the house or apartment, as well as in twilight or darkness. With the right outdoor lighting, strategically placed and with the right bright spots, you can extend the season, create a nicer view and actually increase the all-over value of the patio. 

Tips on lighting for outdoor spaces

If you have a balcony or a conservatory / patio, you surely want to upgrade them with lighting. With floor lamps, wall lights and spotlights, you get the ultimate patio where everyone wants to hang out – regardless of the time of the year.

  • Maison outdoor light – Try placing several of them by the table or next to a group of plants to create a beautiful glow. IP classified for outdoor use.
  • Yankton outdoor light – Place this large floor lamp on a table, at the entrance or on the floor. Or maybe alongside your pool. Portable and IP classified.

Purpose of garden lights

If you have a garden, the outdoor lighting usually fulfils several purposes. On the one hand, it is to give the whole garden (large or small) a beautiful glow during all seasons of the year. On the other hand, it should highlight specific plants, bushes, trees or flower beds that you want to emphasize. And third, it should also serve to increase the cosiness factor during barbecue nights, cool autumn evenings or festive events. 

  1. Strings of light and lanterns – The two light sources end up in an atmospheric harmony and light up the patio, plants or surroundings during a party at the dining table. 
  2. Facade lighting above flower beds. Let flowerbeds along the walls get the attention they deserve by attaching wall lights or spotlights aimed at the plants. Also creates magical silhouettes. 
  3. Garden lights for walkways and lawn. Illuminate gravel paths, parts of the lawn or flower beds with garden lights or spotlights that are lowered into the ground.

Cold or warm outdoor lights?

There is much talk about warm or cold light, and the question is which one is preferable outdoors. One tip is to use warm light in areas in which you spend a lot of time and hang out with your friends, while the cold is mainly for lighting up the green parts such as bushes and flowers. Also remember not to place the light sources too close to each other – let the darkness fulfil its function by creating breathing space and depth between the light spots.

Durable outdoor lighting from By Rydéns

Remember that outdoor lighting should be particularly resistant to moisture, dust and wind. Here at By Rydéns you will find a wide range of lighting for outdoor use for various purposes that will delight you for a long time with their durability and adapted design. Also remember to use IP44 classified lighting that can withstand weather and wind.