Wall lights

Wall lights

Wall lights can be used for many purposes. Place them above the bed as a bedside lamp, light up a beautiful painting or add extra lighting around a mirror. A wall light works well in all rooms in the home and acts as a cohesive element for the rest of the interior. It also is helpful in clearing up floor space. Find your favourite here at ByRydéns. We offer a 5-year guarantee on your lamp and only include high-quality products in our mixed range.

Match the walls and ceilings

At ByRydéns you can mix and match from our range of light fixtures. Do you already have a pendant light or floor lamp that you are fond of and wish to complement with a wall light in a similar design? Take a look at our series and find the best combination.

  • Costa Rica series – Lights in design such as large leaves made of matt brass. Look great combined with plants or on their own, in bedrooms and living rooms.
  • Captain series – Characterized by the large and gold-coloured saucer-like lamp shades, and also available as magnificent floor lamp with sturdy legs.
  • Bazar series – Our most popular wall light that is available in several designs and with matching ceiling pendants.

Light up unexpected places in your home

With a wall light, you have the possibility to illuminate places or surfaces in your home where you usually may not have the opportunity to put a table or hang a pendant light. Wall lights are unique as they can be installed in many places and create that homely and warming feeling that makes you just want to sit back and relax.

The wall in the hallway
If you have a narrow hall and don’t have enough space for a table or bench, a wall light can do the trick. Choose a larger model or several wall lights that contribute to a snugly light.

By the stairs
A staircase can sometimes get a little dark and gloomy without proper lighting. It can be nice to add wall lights that you can easily turn on with a button from both downstairs and upstairs.

In the wall shelf
Sometimes it can be difficult to find the right book on the bookshelf. Even if you have lighting elsewhere in the room, you may still have to look for a particular book for a long time. Install a wall light that spreads a welcoming light to highlight what you want to be most visible on the shelf.

Swivelling wall lights

If you are looking for a really practical wall light, we recommend a swivelling model. Swivelling wall lights are particularly suitable as bedside lamps when you want to read or have background lighting when you are watching TV. At ByRydéns, you can find several functional wall lights with swivelling properties, such as Luna, Puls and Correct.

Larger rooms with wall lights

Enlarge your room with a wall light and create a pleasant atmosphere. Did you know that wall lights also make your room seem bigger, which can be nice if you live in a small space. Scroll through our exclusive range of wall lights and other products. We have extensive experience when it comes to lamps and are happy to help you with questions and tips on interior design. Welcome to ByRydéns, where lamps make your home come alive!