Ceiling lights

Ceiling lights

Setting up a ceiling light in the living room, hall or bedroom creates more space in the ceiling than a hanging lamp does. A ceiling light is neat and stylish, easy to place and fits in any home. At By Rydéns you can buy truly beautiful and unique ceiling lights in different designs – with fantastic quality.

Unique ceiling lights for all ceilings

A ceiling light is a lamp that attaches directly to the ceiling without having a hanging cord and pendant. In the past, the ceiling lights were all relatively similar and were not particularly noteworthy. A lot have happened and today it is very different, as you will notice when you look at the range at By Rydéns. The ceiling lights are not only practical these days – but also very stylish. Find a ceiling light that suits your style and taste, where design and technology combine.

The improved ceiling lights

The new technology in today's modern ceiling lights means that more and more customers are choosing this type of lighting. The technology includes, for example, the preference to use LED lamps with their advantages:

  • The lamp does not get as hot as before
  • Energy consumption is much lower
  • Service life is longer

A ceiling light is especially useful if you have a kitchen with cabinet doors or similar that are placed close to the ceiling, and you want to avoid a dangling ceiling lamp that gets in the way. Likewise, a stylish and original ceiling light is a good option in a living room where you want to focus on interesting trends. Check out our self-designed Gross collection with ceiling lights with mouth-blown glass bubbles that are replaceable and appear in different colours.

Consider colour and function

As with everything that has to do with home furnishing, it is important to consider both colour and function when choosing a ceiling light. If you have a lot of space where you are going to place your ceiling light, a larger model is strongly recommended, perhaps with asymmetrical details, different colours or a model that is designed to go a little further down and not be as “flat”. A simpler and single-coloured ceiling light for the hall or kitchen is usually a popular choice, but in a larger hall you can go the slightly more unique way and go for a model of the more unusual style.

Think of what the rest of the colours and interior look like and choose a ceiling light from this as a starting point.

Dimmable ceiling lights

You’ll get a more beautiful light shine if you get a dimmable ceiling light. At By Rydéns, all our ceiling lights are dimmable when connected to dimmers so you can make the light brighter or dim it as you wish. A dimmable light will give you so much more of the lamp at any time of the day.