Spotlights let you illuminate a certain point in the room or steer the light in a certain direction. Decorative spotlights are available individually or on rails, alternatively as ceiling spots / ceiling spotlights. Decorate with trendy or discreet spotlights in the ceiling in the hall, next to the bookshelf, by the bed or give more lights to the plants! At By Rydéns, we have various types of spotlights that suit all interior styles and homes.


Shine a light on your beloved belongings


It doesn’t matter where you place your spotlight – the adjustable light gives you full control and let you direct the light exactly in the direction you want. Create a beautiful glow for your favourite painting or cozy corner, let the spotlight be your reading lamp in bed or enjoy a spotlight in the kitchen by the kitchen counter when you cook. Spotlights are both a nice interior detail and useful helpers when your eyes need a little extra support.


Ceiling rails and round rails with spotlights


With our single-mounted ceiling spotlights and rails, you get a general light in the room that can also be a good addition to a ceiling lamp. Invest in dimmers and decrease or increase the brightness according to your own needs. The adjustable heads mean that you can illuminate the interior's most important points or work surfaces at your pleasure.


  • Correct ceiling spot or rail – Our Correct series is available in black, white and gold and has between 3-5 lamps. Available as a round rail or rail and has adjustable lamp heads. The stylish and classic design goes with all styles.
  • Row ceiling rails – Row makes a name for itself with round spotlights that are similar to the light bulbs of the past. It is a metal rail available in black, white, brass or chrome. Choose your size of light source for a personal touch.
  • Luna  ceiling rail and ceiling spotlight – With Luna which blends well into the kitchen or hallway, it is possible to steer the light in all directions. The series is available in white and the small lampshades with the traditional round shape cut a fine figure everywhere. TIP! Luna is also available as wall light.


STYLING TIP! If you have a sloped ceiling, placing a rail or ceiling spot there is a good idea, as it provides cooler lighting and lifts the sloped ceiling in an interesting way.


Easy mounting


All of our spotlights come with custom hook systems and ceiling cups or rails that can easily and smoothly be mounted in any room. When you buy your products, a comprehensible instruction manual is also included. You can of course ask us for advice and get help with the interior in case you are wondering about where you can ideally place your spotlights. Our products have a 5-year guarantee if you save your receipt, and they have durability and long life.