Pendant lights

Pendant lights

Illuminate your entire interior with a beautiful pendant light. Pendant lights can also determine the style in an otherwise simply furnished room, set interesting lighting accents and become a statement piece in the room. Today, there are many unique pendant lights with a trendy design that can also fulfil more functions than just illuminating everyday life. At ByRydéns, we are proud to continuously provide a wide and exclusive range of atmospheric, durable and inspiring pendant lights for all tastes and rooms. 

The hanging decor

The ceiling lamp is undoubtedly the heart of a room, regardless of whether you have high or low ceilings. Classic style, modern or industrial design – a pendant light always attracts attention because of its characteristics. What feeling do you want to convey in your living room, bedroom or hallway? 

Interior design tips with pendant lights

Decorate your rooms with pendant lights that add character and different styles to your home. There is no rule that says that all rooms must be similar to each other – dare to make your home different and creative in each room individually, if you feel that it reflects your taste. 

  • The minimalist style – If you have a thing for minimalism, there are several possibilities. On the one hand you can invest in simple and spartan furniture but set an accent with a pompous and unusual pendant light. On the other hand you can extend the minimalism and try a large hanging light or a triple lamp in white, black or metal. TIP! Our self-designed Gross bar pendant light looks great with minimalist interior.
  • Industrial feeling – Industrial pendant lights are really popular, both in the kitchen and living room. Several identical lamps next to each other go perfectly over a kitchen table or a kitchen island. Naked light bulbs in larger or smaller formats look nice over the living room table and emit a beautiful glow. 
  • Retro atmosphere – Go back in time and combine the modern with the nostalgic. The retro lamp is making a comeback, albeit with a modern twist. Look for lamps in crystal-like shapes, fabric-covered shades or perhaps a large hanging lamp with lacquered lamp shades in metal.
  • Multiple lights provide an interesting light – Get multiple pendant lights in one by choosing rails or bars with similar or different lights that spread more light and make for a real eye-catcher. If they have an adjustable function where you can point the lights in different directions, you can create different light spots whenever you want. For example, check out the Buckler pendant light in the kitchen or the Skyline pendant light over the dining table.

Consider the ceiling height

When choosing pendant lights, it is good idea to start by considering the ceiling height. The higher the ceiling you have, the easier it will be for you to choose the pendant light. If, on the other hand, you have a low ceiling, you probably want to create more space and give the impression that the room is larger. Then pendant lights that direct the light upwards are favourable.

The light and direction matter

Also keep in mind the lamp light and what colour and tone the pendant lights should emit, and if you want to be able to direct the light in different directions. Are you looking for a cold light, a cozy lighting or a clear white light in the hall and on the hall furniture to be able to see better? A good tip is also to choose a dimmer.

Contrasts bring things to life

If you have trouble choosing pendant lights for your different rooms, it may be an idea to go for a completely different style than for the rest of the interior. Let the lamp be the eye-catcher. Mix things up with a colour bomb with different glass globes in bright shades combined with otherwise subdued colours, a graphically designed lamp as a contrast to soft sofas and shapes, or a large lamp made of natural materials in a room with lots of green plants for a natural feeling.

Where is the focus?

Every room should have a central place to which your gaze is automatically directed when you enter it. 

  • The kitchen usually has the dining table as a central place
  • The living room tends to have the sofa and the living room table as eye-catchers
  • The bedroom can have the reading nook or the bed as main focal point
  • The hall often focuses on the centre point – relatively close to the front door

Let the central space be the main focus with the proper glow and pendant light. Then add some more light spots in the room in a smart way to create a cozy atmosphere.

Find your pendant lights at By Rydéns

Light up your life with beautiful pendant light from By Rydéns and add some light points according to your own taste and needs. Take a closer look at our trend magazine and let yourself be inspired by pictures of pendant light in luxurious, trendy, modern and classic designs. Don’t miss our own collection. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need advice, tips or have any questions. Our many years of experience in the industry provide all the answers you may need. All our lights come with a 5-year guarantee. Don’t forget to keep the receipt after your purchase!