Hayden Pendant light L115 cm black matt

Article number 4201260-4002
Designed in Sweden
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Product description

The Hayden ceiling lamp 115 cm wide is an exemplary handmade lamp where each one is unique and no two lamps are the same. The diaphanous design makes the lamp suitable for both large and small spaces as it lets light through and does not obscure its surroundings. The Hayden ceiling lamp 115 cm wide is fitted with 400 LED points and radiates a warm and pleasant light. We recommend that you connect the ceiling lamp to a dimmer so you can regulate the brightness as needed.

The Hayden ceiling lamp with its extra size is perfect above the dining room table or over a sofa suite. With a length of 115 cm, a height of 37cm and a depth of 50 cm with a fantastic glow, Hayden will be your new favourite. The Hayden ceiling lamp 115 cm wide has a 1.2 m long cord with which you can freely raise and lower the lamp as you wish.  If a longer cord is desired, please feel free to send us a request and we will extend the cord on this model to a maximum of 3 meters.