Table lamps

Table lamps

Create atmosphere and harmony in a room by using a table lamp for varying light effects and light sources. A room should have about five different sources of light, and what better way to achieve that than to place one or more of our elegant table lamps to get that characteristic feeling. Choose between sophisticated design, modern colourful or ultra-classic style.

Placement of the table lamp

There are lots of ways to illuminate a table, a still life or a corner with the help of a table lamp. The common denominator is that the lamp contributes to a delightful atmosphere.

  1. On the nightstand or the dresser. A table lamp on the nightstand or dresser ensures both a beautiful light during the evening and is practical when you wake up and do not want to get up to turn on the light. If you have a double bed – feel free to place two identical table lamps on each nightstand.
  2. On the sideboard. Give your guests a warmer welcome with a table lamp on the sideboard in the hall. It is also great for when you do not want to turn off all lights during the night or when you are away. One tip is to create contrasts with a high table lamp on a low table and vice versa.
  3. In the window. A nice table lamp in the window shines a comfortable light and makes your days both brighter and cozier. Attention! We recommend lampshades that fit your windowsill. At By Rydéns, we have lampshades that blend in well with both large and small windows – wide and narrow.
  4. Make your coffee table special. If you have a coffee table, a pedestal or a console table, the table lamp can be the object that reveals what else is on the table. Set up a small still life, a glass bowl that goes perfectly with the lamp, or put a book next to it for a cosy feel.

What lighting are you looking for?

Stop and think before you buy a table lamp – what kind of lighting do you want it to provide? Is it additional lighting to a floor lamp or a pendant light? Or is it the long awaited comfy lighting you are striving for? Large table lamps often meet more requirements on the list, while a smaller one sets the mood on a niche level.

Choice of lampshade

The lampshade of the table lamp largely determines the mood and lighting. A dark screen dims the light and emits a muted colour, while a lighter one often emits a stronger light. If you want to illuminate something special in the vicinity of the lamp, you can go for a swivel lampshade. You should also focus on how the lamp goes together with other interiors and other lamps.

Interior design tips with our products

At ByRydéns, you will find table lamps in all styles that are guaranteed to suit your taste and decor. Here you’ll find some tips.

  • Vieste table lamp – The lamp also goes well with other products in the same series. A larger modern table lamp that is available in gold beige or warmest red. Good for putting in windows, for example, on a sideboard or a chest of drawers.
  • Gross table lamp – Our lamp designed by us, consisting of several glass globes in a trendy design. Available in amber, grey and as multicoloured. Suitable for the slightly larger sideboard or even on the pouf, for a modern bright spot in your living room.
  • Flake table lamp – For those who are looking for the minimalistic simple and beautiful design that does not take up too much space. Flake consists of a cylindrical white screen and emits a bright and fresh glow. Perfect for decorating your window.

The search for the perfect table lamp

Do you want help finding the perfect table lamp? ByRydéns can assist you with both advice and interior design help to help you find the perfect table lamp. If you already have a product from a series in the range, for example a floor lamp or ceiling light, it can have a nice effect to decorate with a table lamp in the same series – perhaps in a different colour.